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La Giolitta and the environment

La Giolitta - Barolo

Environmental Sustainability

At La Giolitta, we are committed to preserving our environment, taking proactive steps to minimize our ecological footprint. Here are the measures we have implemented:

  • We avoid plastic whenever possible

    We offer refillable water bottle to our guests free of charge.
    Our bath amenities are dispensed from refillable dispensers to minimize waste typically associated with disposable products found in traditional hotel settings.
    The beverages we offer are predominantly served in glass bottles, further reducing plastic consumption.

  • We reduce water consumption

    Faucets are equipped with misting filters to reduce water and energy consumption.

  • We recycle everything

    We meticulously sort and recycle all waste, including materials not typically accepted for recycling, such as wine bottle corks. Look for the dedicated ArmorimCork Ethical box in our kitchen for cork recycling.

  • We avoid materials that cannot be recycled

    Our espresso machine operates without filters or capsules, grinding coffee beans directly.

  • We promote sustainable and car-free tourism

    We offer the possibility of staying without the use of an automobile.
    La Giolitta promotes sustainable travel by offering accommodations without the necessity of an automobile. Situated in the historic heart of Barolo, guests can conveniently explore restaurants, wine bars, wineries, and local attractions on foot. Experience the beauty of the Langhe region with ease by utilizing our electric bicycles, allowing you to discover neighboring villages and picturesque landscapes along enchanting routes. Need suggestions? Let us recommend trekking and hiking trails amidst the UNESCO-protected landscapes surrounding Barolo.

We extend our sincere gratitude for your cooperation in our sustainability efforts

La Giolitta

Direct reservation

Direct bookings include exclusive tourist assistance and complimentary glass of wine.